Group Coaching


The ‘Loving Your Life’ Coaching Journey - what is included if you sign up now.

A copy of the book Loving Your life.

10 x weekly 1.5 hour webinars or in room presentations in which you will be facilitated in exploring ways to loving yourself and your life.

Peer Social Learning - private face book group

Open Frames - The opportunity to ask questions and get answers on insights and explorations that you raise during the journey.

Individual Counselling


Experience individual counselling or coaching to bridge the gap from how you feel now to how you want to feel.

Elizabeth Hartley Master Coach and Psychotherapist

Become a Certified Coach

Become a licensed mBIT coach

Become a licensed mBIT coach

This is the next level of Coaching!

Many of the new techniques you will learn in the training will help transformation for yourself and your clients: Learn:

An entire set of easy to learn ‘Multiple Brain Integration Techniques’ collectively know as mBIT.

How to coach coherence to balance your client’s nervous system and for optimal well being.

How work its the Core Competencies Framework to quickly assess less resourceful states and support change work.

Learn simple and powerful techniques to detect and overcome issues where your client's head, heart and gut intelligences are NOT aligned

Elizabeth hartley Msc

Elizabeth hartley Msc