Individual Coaching

Elizabeth Hartley your personal coach is based in Canterbury, London and via Skype.

My decision to train to become a Coach and mBIT Coach Trainer has been one of the best decisions I have made. Coaching provides the tools for cultivating inner strength to face all circumstances, good and bad alike, with a sense of calm no matter what happens. And I get to witness such amazing shifts and changes for my clients. Together we connect the dots of what is keeping you stuck and explore a way forward that is more about who you really are and what you really want.

Single Session Coaching   For this option I recommend focussing on one specific area that you are feeling stuck - £120 per 2 hour session. 

Monthly Coaching - Two hours of coaching per month in one or two hour blocks for  a minimum of three months £90 monthly.

Silver Coaching Package - This package is designed for people who would like to work on several areas for change - 4 hours of Coaching per month in one or two hour blocks for a minimum of three months £140 monthly.

Gold Coaching Package - This package is designed for those looking to make a longer term commitment to coaching. This is a coaching journey that applies the techniques of mBraining to align your thoughts, feelings and actions. In your personal nine month coaching journey you will become more aware of your patterns and your responses to that patterning. Your relationship with yourself and others will feel more integrated and be based on who you really are and who you want to become. You will explore trust patterns and blocks to your happiness. Finally, you will take away a daily breathing practice combined with simple self-help exercises to regulate the vagus nerve in order for deep relaxation, improve sleep, increased vitality and increased levels of resilience. Imagine now how this will feel …

Elizabeth Hartley your personal counsellor and psychotherapist is based in Canterbury, London and via Skype.

Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy

As your therapist, I have been trained in a wide range of techniques sourced from psychological training, clinical practice, NLP, mindfulness, and more recently mBraining.  I also offer support with how to use simple breathing practices to balance your nervous system and increase your overall well-being.

 I am a qualified psychotherapist with a specialism in working with women who have experienced unhealthy/controlling relationships. I offer one to one sessions and group work in this area.

There is a private and confidential psychotherapy space available for you to explore, reflect and gain clarity in Canterbury and Islington. 

Psychotherapy - Fee range of £30 (on-line), £40 (Canterbury), £50 (London) per 50 minute session.

There is no 'wrong' time to begin ...

If you wish to book a coaching  or counselling appointment or ask a question simply email Elizabeth on info@the

All messages and correspondence will be treated in the strictest of confidence.