Individual Coaching


A Coach is someone who opens up the conversation about living the life you want rather than living from your default conditioning. A typical coaching session will open the space to explore your patterns, triggers and what is keeping you stuck in any area of your life. This is exactly why a ‘coaching journey’ is the best decision you can make for sustainable change.

1 Single Session Coaching For this option I recommend focussing on one specific area that you are feeling stuck - £95 per 2 hour session. 

2 International Coaching (via skype/zoom). Be coached from the comfort of your own home (time-zone permitting). £75 per 2 hour session. 

2 “Monthly Coaching” - Two hours of coaching per month in one or two hour blocks for a minimum of three months £75 monthly (face to face or on-line).

3 “Group Coaching” - This 8-week group coaching will offer you a coaching journey to raise awareness of patterns, triggers and behaviours that are keeping you stuck. You will also learn a simple breathing technique to reduce stress.

4 “Becoming You” - This Coaching journey is for those who are looking to deep dive into their patterns, habits and triggers for personal development and ongoing success.

My decision to train as an mBIT Coach and Trainer has been one of the best decisions I have made. I get to witness such amazing shifts and changes for my clients. Together we connect the dots of what is keeping you stuck and explore a way forward that is more about who you really are and what you really want.

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Group Coaching

“A Journey starts with a single step”

We invite you to join us for a coaching journey. A personal self exploration using, mBIT Coaching, NLP and Positive Psychology.


A taster of what you will learn:

How neuroscience research has shown that you have three intelligences and how these findings validate ancient wisdom teachings and practises.

How to balance your autonomic nervous system through the mBIT Balanced Breathing method to quickly relieve stress.

How to recognise what is keeping you stuck.

How the head, heart and gut provide you with a different ability and talent.

You will learn practical ways to resolve inner conflicts.

You will learn how to deeply integrate mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques) to change patterns and habits.

This is important work! when so much of our responses to life is based on what our ‘head’ tells us to do, it is exciting to see that research is demonstrating the importance of our heart and gut intelligence.

Coaching Group with Elizabeth Hartley is based at:

Canterbury Innovation Centre.

University Road Canterbury Kent CT2 7FG


Week 1

Coherent Breathing

Coherence is a term to describe a state of balance in the nervous system

Learn a breathing technique for the purpose of health enhancement and optimal wellbeing.

You will be coached to practice some simple breathing techniques to feel more calm in control, and to think more clearly. When we are coherent brain function is no longer being inhibited by the stress response and your immune system is not being impaired by elevated levels of cortisol.

Week 2

The Heart Brain Connection

What is HRV and why is it important?

The analysis of HRV serves as a window into the function of the Autonomic Nervous System.

Learn how HRV is affected by the breath.

Learn the difference between relaxation and coherence.

Learn Heart Math techniques to de-stress in real time.

Learn how to generate increased heart rhythm coherence for the benefit of thinking, feeling and performing.

Week 3

What is keeping you stuck?

Learn how we block ourselves in our thoughts, feelings and actions.

My heart is just not into it. I over think.

I wish I had more guts to do it. Torn between my head and my gut.

Explore the four main areas that keep you stuck, procrastinating and fearful.

1 Trust Issues, 2 Values, 3 Identity 4 Self-Preservation.

Week 4

The Science of effective decision-making

Learn what happens when you combine your inner wisdom, gut instinct and mental intelligence for effective decision making?

In this session we will explore how our head, heart and gut have their own specialist functions.

The Head intelligence - for executive decisions, including analytical and creative thought.

The heart intelligence - for empathy, relationships and values.

The Gut intelligence - for courage, motivation and action.

Week 5

Are you aligned?

It’s when all parts of you line up and are in agreement that magic happens.

What happens when your heart tells you one thing, but your gut violently disagrees? Or when you head is at odds with the mixed messages.

Week 6

Your Head, Heart Gut Core Competencies

Each of your intelligences has its own domains of expertise and core competencies.

Learn how to understand how each of your intelligences is functioning in relation to an issue, and what coherent state might be needed to function optimally and adaptively.

Head - Consciousness, balanced perspective, flow, curiosity, learning, clarity. Highest Expression Creativity

Heart - Peace, forgiveness, joy, trust, connection, gratitude, love, generosity. Highest Expression Compassion.

Gut - Hunger, Satiety, action, will power, well-being, intuition. Highest Expression Courage.

Week 7

Exploring Trust Patterns

Raise awareness of your trust patterns.

Learn what stories are running about trust of self and of others.

Become aware of your blocks to trusting

Coach new responses and opportunities.

Learn how to install wiser trust patterns.

Week 8

Coaching Wisdom

Wiser goals

Explore what would be wiser way of feeling, thinking, doing that would allow you to step into the highest expression of you.