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Bridge the gap from how you feel now to how you want to feel.

  • ·You are often told to follow your heart but then you find it hard to take action.

  • Or to follow your gut instinct, but then you become too reactive and wish you had used more logic.

  • Or you overthink and come up with a plan but it just does not feel right for you.

mBRAINING invites you to listen to the intelligences of your head, heart and gut which leads to wiser decision making in your work, relationships and the choices you make.

How is mBIT coaching different?

Neuroscience has revealed that that we have adaptive neural networks or brains, in our gut and heart as well as our head.

Your head brain has billions of neurons; your gut has millions and your heart has tens of thousands- and they all want to communicate with you.

These neural networks show incredible levels of memory and intelligence that are deeply involved in the control of a wide range of functions and key behaviours. We now know that behaviours are not fixed as neuroplasticity informs us of the constant potential for change. 

This is of great importance in areas such as personal development and coaching. mBIT Coaching integrates all three neural networks and uses simple breathing techniques and unique coaching skills that reduce internal conflict and stress. 

Learning to listen deeply to all three intelligences gives you a new way of connecting with yourself and what you really want rather than what you think you want.

Any questions?

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8-week Coaching Group 

Week 1 -Learn how to communicate with all of your intelligence centres.

Week 2 -Become aware of current patterns and create the shifts you need.

Week 3 -Explore what is keeping you stuck and reduce blocks.

Week 4 -Learn how to move from to fear to courage.

Week 5-Learn how to relate deeper with yourself and others.

Week 6 -Find what truly motivates you to take action.

Week 7 -End the battle within and build resilience

Week 8 -Going forward - a wiser you.


Locations, times and dates:

The Manor Barn.

The Manor Barn, Centre for Peace and Personal Development, Cockering Rd, Wincheap, Canterbury, Kent  CT1 3UR (just 10 minutes from the city centre, in tranquil surroundings). 

Click here for directions to The Manor Barn.

Concorde House Clinic.

Concorde House Clinic, 26a Stour Street, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2NZ.

Click here for directions to Concorde House Clinic.

City Road Therapy Centre, Islington.

Click here for directions to City Road Therapy Centre.